Learn more about the merits of IBI-helpMe and the benefits for your support organization.

very easy

very easy

With only two clicks a user can record a problem or inquiry and send it directly to the support. 
A screenshot and every useful technical data
regarding the user and/or the system will be added
to the message. IBI-helpMe does not need a classic rollout.
for users

for users

A user may start IBI-helpMe with a click on the taskbar symbol or a shortcut. No special knowledge is required. It is without doubt the easiest way for IT users to ask for help competently and to send an inquiry to the corresponding support staff member along with all important technical information.
for the support

for the support

Soon the independent tool with its easy handling will not only assist users but also your whole support team. Every relevant information that will contribute to an effective support will automatically be collected. Queries will become unnecessary. You will save a lot of time, spare your resources and take pressure off yourself.

Practical Relevance

You will profit from an innovative system that has been designed to match the requirements of practical use. It has been developed in close cooperation with users, helpdesk team members, software designers and IT professionals. Our goal has been to develop a very easy, quick and efficient preparation of a support inquiry about a current issue directly on screen that every user (with whatever IT-knowledge) can handle. Furthermore the tool had to be able to create a screenshot automatically and to generate all important technical information. Finally these information were to be sent directly to the corresponding helpdesk member along with a text message the user can create if necessary.


Using IBI-helpMe is very easy. With its intuitive user interface that matches Microsoft® standards every user will easily adapt to its operation. IBI-helpMe can be called up by one click on the task bar symbol or by a short cut (definable hotkey).


IBI-helpMe offers the user an optional categorization within a help request. Thus an inquiry will always be sent directly to the corresponding support team member. The staff responsible for system affairs may define and administer any category for IBI-helpMe. A defined category will be provided with a corresponding address (To/Cc/Bcc). A category can be an application, a system, person, section or any other content. Furthermore specific automatized identification marks which will depend on the selected category may be added to the subject line or the text message. A receiving system (e.g. ticketing system) may interpret these identification marks and initiate rule-based actions (e.g. prioritize the inquiry).


The IBI-helpMe client can be parameterized by means of a configuration file (XML). Configurable parameters are type of transmission, standard receivers, application hotkey, categories etc.. An important parameter is the optional selection of the type of transmission where you can choose between the transmission type “MAPI” or “SMTP”. The technical information (e.g. system software, IP address, computer name, client name, telephone number or any AD-information) can be selected individually as well.


IBI-helpMe does not need an installation on the client. It is sufficient to provide a network share. Thus the application can be set up in production in a very short amount of time covering a sizeable environment. The applied communication channel will make use of the latest standards. No additional or especially opened ports will be necessary.

Your advantages

Users will appreciate this easy way of a support query set-up by only one click on the IBI-helpMe life buoy. Your support will profit from the fact that queries by telephone will no longer be necessary and ticketing system/e-mail will be means of communication instead. Thus inquiries can be handled in a much more structured way. Furthermore, IBI-helpMe will provide the support directly with every relevant system information. This will make queries unnecessary and will release the support team from various preliminary clarifications. Your company will save time and you will save your resources and take pressure off yourself.


Keyfacts in brief

  • Easiest support inquiry for users  
  • Takes pressure off the support team
  • Will minimize queries
  • Does not need installation or admin rights
  • Collaborates with the ticket system
  • Trial version free of charge



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