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remarkably simple

The user can document a problem or a query and send it straight to support in just two clicks. The message is then automatically supplemented with a current screenshot and all of the important technical data of the logged in user or system. IBI-helpMe does not need a classic rollout.


for the user

The user can start IBI-helpMe without any specialist knowledge at all, by simply clicking on a taskbar icon or shortcut.
Formulate the question or problem and click…done. 

The query is sent straight to the corresponding support team member with all of the important technical information, either as a ticket or the way your organization has stipulated.
It could not be quicker or easier!

for support

Your users are not the only ones to benefit from the independent tool’s simplicity in next to no time, the whole support organization profits too. All of the information needed to provide competent support is collected automatically, thus eliminating unnecessary queries. You save time and a load is taken off your mind and your resources.


Profit from an innovative system that has arisen from demands in practice. The system has been developed closely with users, help-desk staff, software developers, and IT professionals.
The goal was to create a very simple, quick and efficient method for all users (regardless of their knowledge of IT) to submit a (support) query on the screen relating to a current problem. The tool should also take a screenshot automatically and generate all of the important technical information for the support employee. This information should also be sent directly to the employee responsible on the help desk in addition to the textual information that the user can gather as required.  


Using IBI-helpMe is remarkably simple. All users find it easy to navigate straight away via the intuitive user interface that is based on familiar Microsoft® standards. IBI-helpMe can be started by simply clicking the taskbar icon or a shortcut (selectable hotkey).


IBI-helpMe provides the capability for optional categorization of the help request by the user. This way, the query always goes directly to the responsible support employees. System supervisors can define and manage any categories. The defined categories are assigned to corresponding addresses (To/Cc/Bcc). Categories can be applications, systems, people, area, or any other content. There is also the option, depending on the category selected, to automatically add a specific marker to the subject or message text. A receiving system (e.g. a ticketing system) can interpret these markers and trigger rule-based actions, e.g. prioritize the query.


The IBI-helpMe Client can be parameterized using a configuration file (XML). The configurable parameters are transfer type, standard recipient, application hotkey, categories and many more. An important parameter is the transfer type selection option. The “MAPI” or “SMTP” transfer type can be selected here. The technical information (e.g. operating system, IP address, computer name, client name, phone number, any AD info…) can also be defined individually.

Service portal

IBI-helpMe can also be used as an entry point to a service portal. In this case, the individually designed HTML site is shown instead of the usual dialog for creating a support case. The user is thus automatically forwarded to the right portal without, for example, having to decide whether the case is an IT incident or a service request. The user also does not need to maintain a personal favorites list in their web browser.
Depending on what you have stipulated, the option of creating a support case in the classic way via the taskbar icon context menu either remains available or is deactivated.




IBI-helpMe does not require installation and can be used productively within a very short period of time, even in a very large environment. The communication channel uses current standards and does not require any additional ports or specially opened ports.