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Execute support requests quickly and easily

With just two clicks, the user can document a problem or question and send it directly to the support team. The message is automatically supplemented with a current screenshot and all important technical data of the logged in user or system. IBI-helpMe does not require a classic rollout.


for the user

Without any special knowledge a user can start IBI-helpMe by clicking on a taskbar icon or a shortcut.

Formulate question or problem and click...done.

The request is sent with all important technical information directly to the appropriate Service Desk employee, either as a ticket or by the route your company intends.

It couldn't be easier or faster!

for support

This independent tool with easy handling not only benefits your users in the shortest possible time, but also the entire service desk. All necessary information to provide fast and competent support is collected automatically. Unnecessary queries are eliminated. You save time, protect your resources and your nerves.


Benefit from an innovative system that has been developed from the requirements of practical experience. It was developed in close cooperation with users, helpdesk staff, software developers and IT professionals.

The aim was to create a very simple, fast and efficient way for all users (regardless of their IT knowledge) to be able to make a (support) request for a current problem on screen. Furthermore, the tool should be able to automatically generate a screenshot and all important technical information for the supporter. This information, in addition to the textual information that the user can enter if required, should be transmitted directly to the responsible employee in the service desk. 


The use of IBI-helpMe is very easy. Due to an intuitive user interface, which is based on Microsoft® standards, every user will find his way around immediately. IBI-helpMe can be accessed by clicking on a taskbar icon or via a shortcut (definable hotkey).


IBI-helpMe offers the possibility of an optional categorization of the help request by the user. This way a request always reaches the responsible support staff directly. System administrators can define and manage any categories. Categories can be applications, systems, persons, areas or any other content.

Distribution profiles can be assigned to the defined categories. This makes it possible to specify a specific subject, a specially formatted (e.g. as XML) message text and/or other recipients depending on the selected category. A receiving system (e.g. ticket system) can interpret indicators and trigger rule-based actions. (e.g. prioritize the request)


With the freely definable input fields and the possibility to define selection-dependent distribution profiles (recipients), the support case is always transmitted to the right place.

The input fields can be freely defined and can be displayed or hidden as required. This increases the clarity for the user and improves the quality of the data received.

To transmit the support case the delivery types MAPI, SMTP, ServiceNow, Jira, Cherwell and TOPdesk are available.

In addition, it can be defined which technical information such as operating system, IP address, computer name, client name, telephone number, any directory service attributes (Azure Active Directory or Active Directory Attributes) are to be determined.

The configuration file (XML) created by the IBI-helpMe Admin is made available to all IBI-helpMe clients. This can be done via the file system or via a web server. To ensure the integrity of the configuration file, it is signed. To meet the highest data protection requirements, the configuration file can be certificate-based encrypted as needed. 

JavaScript interface

By using HTML and JavaScript the content of the "Create Support Case" mask can be individualized and adapted to the respective needs.

Service portal

IBI-helpMe can be seamlessly integrated into already existing intranet solutions and can thus be easily used as an entry point to a service portal. The user is always automatically directed to the right portal without having to remember a web browser address, for example.

In addition, an already existing portal page can be extended, if desired, so that it can access IBI-helpMe functions (e.g. create support case or system information).




IBI-helpMe requires neither special permissions nor an installation in the classical sense. The application only needs to be started automatically at login and has to have access to a centrally stored configuration file. This means that IBI-helpMe can be used productively in a very large environment in a very short time.

IBI-helpMe can be integrated very easily into any ITSM tool.

IBI-helpMe separates problem solving from problem solving: the user can contact support at any time and support can then start solving the problem as soon as resources are available. The communication path used uses the current standards, no additional or specially opened ports are required.