“The most charming way to set up a support case”

Communicate user problems with only two clicks!

Without any special knowledge every user can now set up a support case anytime and everywhere with only one click on the life buoy.

All important system data will thus be saved and a screenshot will be made. The support case will then automatically be sent to the corresponding address. Time consuming queries will no longer be necessary. 

Keyfacts in brief

  • Easiest support inquiry for users  
  • Takes pressure off the support team
  • Will minimize queries
  • Does not need installation or admin rights
  • Collaborates with the ticket system
  • Trial version free of charge



Phone +41 (0) 61 465 75 40
Fax  +41 (0) 61 465 75 39

Jurastrasse 2
CH-4142 Münchenstein

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